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Fed Fund Futures Now Price In Rate Cut After Manufacturing Numbers Drop

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What you are looking at above is a chart of the Fed Fund futures for December and they made a big shift yesterday to price in a 89% chance of at least one rate cut by that month. On Sunday, the odds were near 50/50 that there would be no rate cut at all by that meeting, so Monday saw a big shift in the odds.

What caused this move, was poor economic data that came out yesterday. They showed that the US manufacturing PMI index dropped to 48.7 in May. A number below 50 means contraction.

The dollar traded down on the news and gold perked up. The stock market saw some selling, but NVDA was up 4.9% for the day, again, as traders keep buying ahead of next Tuesday’s. 10-1 stock split that shareholders of record this Thursday will get.

Now the Fed Fund futures are also pricing a 60% chance of a rate cut in September. They still see no cuts in July or this month, when the Federal Reserve meets next Wednesday, the day after the NVA split mania. It’ll probably take more poor economic data, though, to actually make a cut happen, but when bad data comes it comes suddenly. The job numbers now will be key this summer.

Any interest rates cuts would be extremely inflationary for the economy, with the CPI failing to even get below 3%. Interest rates ARE NOT TOO HIGH or NOT HIGH ENOUGH to stop inflation.

I do not think interest rates are going to go up anymore this year, but one day they will, and much more than people imagine they would today. That will probably be when the next interest rate hiking cycle comes, after a future rate cutting cycle comes first in response to a stock market bear market/recessionary cycle. I do not think we are there yet, but it could start after the election.

That’s why I remain happy to have roughly 50% of my money in CD’s and bonds and with most of the rest of focused on precious metals and mining stocks for now. It’s a mix of defense and offense going forward. I do not think this is time to be on margin and making lots of risky bets. The overall “AI” sector is lagging the stock market and is junk.

India election results are pressuring Asian markets and commodity markets too this morning, with silver trading below $30 for the moment.

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